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4 Hacks To Keep Your Office Clean Always

A clean office does you all the good. It makes a good impression on visitors and improves the overall quality of work in your office. You can hire an office cleaning company to work for you on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, there are some simple ways to you can maintain cleanliness in your office and make things easy for the cleaning company. Follow the following 5 hacks to maintain a clean office always.

Organize Your Stationery

In the day-to-day running of an office, people use stationeries like papers, pencils, files etc. Without proper organization, these items could make your tables messy. When you organize your stationery, you know where everything is. Hence, you save time when you need to rush for meetings.

Use office items like pen holders (or cups), file holders, trays, shelves, and drawer dividers to sort office stationery. 

Clear Out Small Litters

An unclean environment could be caused by a company culture that allows ‘small litters’ like pencil dust, squeezed paper etc. These seemingly small litters have a way of becoming big enough to make an office look a dump.

Cultivate the culture of clearing out litters immediately. To facilitate this, have a waste bin placed in every office room. Impose a penalty on desks littered with such materials.

Empty Your Wastebin

Wastebins gets filled up easily, especially in big offices. It is natural not to think of emptying a waste bin, after all, you didn’t fill it up alone. Therefore, the bin gets filled up and waste starts to drop on the floor.

Create a system where every occupant in a room is responsible for the waste bin. You can use a roaster or an order in which employees take out the trash.

Hide Wires and Cords

Modern offices work with gadgets like PCs, printers, etc. These gadgets need to be connected to a power source or to other gadgets. A stable connection of gadgets involve the use of wires and cords. These could intertwine and litter office tables.

To maintain a clean desk in such offices, use tables with space underneath. Have desk grommets to organize and route cables through your cables and desks.

Here are 4 hacks to help you maintain a clean office always. Feel free to click a share icon, you friends need this.

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